Interview with Terry Shames

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This week on Crime Wave: Who knew that Terry Shames and I had so much in common?

Terry’s newest thriller is a departure from her multi-award-winning series featuring a small-town police chief in Texas. PERILOUS WATERS, set in the Bahamas, stars dive instructor Jessie Madison, a woman with a murky past. When Jessie and a friend are attacked on a remote Bahamian cay, Jessie is determined to bring the murders to justice. She just needs to stay alive—and hope her past doesn’t catch up with her—long enough to accomplish that.

Terry and I talk Texas (where we both lived), the Bahamas (where we both have sailed—and both with some harrowing experiences), and crafting a long-running series (only Terry knows anything about that!)

Pick up a copy of PERILOUS WATERS and see for yourself.

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